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    Water Heater Installation & Repair

    Do you have to take quick showers before you run out of Hot Water?  Have No Hot Water At All?  Modern Process Plumbing is your Hot Water Heater Experts.  We dozens of different options to fit your needs and budget. 

    • Gas Hot Water Tank

    • Tankless Hot Water Heater

    • Hybrid Hot Water Tank

    • Electric Hot Water Tank

    What Will We Do For You?

    Hot Water Heater Installation & Repair

    • Inspect the Old Tank and Area Around It

    • Go Over All Your Options

    • Answer Any Questions You May Have

    • Show You We Are Licensed and Insured

    • Give You 100% Free Estimate

    • Go Over Any Warranties and Guarantees

    • Pull All Necessary Permits

    • Install New Tank

    • Install Any New Piping, Parts, Etc That Are Needed

    • Clean Up Area Including Hauling Away Old Tank

    • Finish Up

    • Ask For Your Final Approval

    • Do Check Up On Other Plumbing Fixtures In House

    • Answer Any Questions You May Have

    Don’t know if you need a New Hot Water Tank?

    Here Are Some Warning Signs.

    • Hot Water seems to run out quicker than in the past

    • Tank is making noises such as clanging or knocking

    • Pilot Light won’t stay lit

    • Leaking or puddling around bottom of tank

    • Tank older than 10 years

    • Rust or corrosion on exterior of the tank

    • Leaks from tank or pipes

    • Sudden Increase in Electric or Gas Bill

    These are all sign that you have a failing Hot Water Tank.  Contact Us today for a Free Estimate.  We will discuss your needs, the many different options you have, and lastly your budget.  Modern Process Plumbings main concern is getting you the best, cost effective Hot Water Heater for your needs.  

    Conventional Gas & Electric Hot Water Heaters

    water heater installation and repair modern process plumbing

    The most popular Water Heater Tank that uses a heating element to constantly heat stored water.  These systems have been upgraded to be more efficient but will still be a major source of gas and electric usage in the house.  These tanks do take upa considerate amount of room so basements, closets, and garages are the common destinations for these tanks.  Contact Us today for a Free Estimate on a new Hot Water Heater for you today.


    • Lowest Upfront Cost

    • Basement, Closet, Garage Installation

    • 20 to 80 Gallons

    • Efficiency Varies by Model

    • 8 to 12 years of Life




    $600-$800 Typical

    Tankless Hot Water Heaters

    water heater installation and repair modern process plumbing

    Tankless Hot Water Heaters are quickly becoming the popular choice for small business and home owners.   These small tanks heat cold water with a gas burner or electric elements as it passes through the water heater.  Because they can be mounted on a wall they free up space on the floor below.  Since they only heat water when it is needed instead of storing water they reduce gas and electrical bills substantially.  The flow rate in your house will influence what type of Tankless Water Heater you will need.  The flow rate is how much water do you use at one time.  The large up-front costs have to be weighed against the Tax Credit and energy savings.  If you are ready to upgrade to a Tankless Water Heater Contact Us or Request An Estimate today. 


    • Large Up-Front Investment

    • Hangs On Wall, Frees Up Floor Space

    • Requires Ventilation

    • Can run out of water during high usage

    • Tax Credits Available

    • Saves Energy, lowers cost



    $1000-$1500 Typical

    Hybrid Hot Water Heaters

    water heater installation and repair modern process plumbing

    Hybrid Hot Water Heaters are a more rare but useful water tank.  These tanks use an advanced heat pump technology to pull in the ambient air and extract the heat to warm the water. They also service the whole house.  These Tanks are similar in size to Conventional tank but the energy and tax savings are closer to the Tankless Water Heaters.  Are you ready for a new Hybrid Water Heater just Contact Us Now or Request An Estimate Today.


    • Large Up-Front Investment

    • 33% faster hot water than conventional tanks

    • Magnesium anode rod extends life of tank

    • Saves Energy, Lowers Cost

    • Takes up typical room as conventional tank



    $800-$1400 Typical

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