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    Emergency Plumbing Repair

    Emergency Plumbing Repair

    We understand how an emergency can affect your life and we are here to help you one on one or as a whole team if needed.  When you call you will talk one on one with one of our owners , no machines.  They will be at your location usually within an hours time to get the issue resolved as quickly as we can.  We put our decades of experience behind everything we do and take advantage of every new innovation to fix your problem quickly and safely and back it up with a guarantee.  We are your top choice for any emergency plumbing need.  Call today 24 hours a day for any emergency plumber need.

    • No Hot Water?

    • Frozen Pipes?

    • Broken Pipes?

    • Water In Basement?

    • Sewer Back-Up?

    • Water Damage that will need to be cleaned up or dried.

    • Need Sewage Backup Cleaned Up?

    • No water at a place of business?

    Emergency Plumbing Preparedness

    Tips to Prepare

    • Find Your Main Water Shut-Off Valve and Communicate With Everyone in the House

    • Have A Plan In Place for Electricity Loss During Heavy Rainfall

    • Find Candles and Have In place in Case of Power Loss or Electricity Shut Off

    • Have A Space Heater or Pipe Foam in Case of Frozen Pipes

    What To Do–No Hot Water

    No Hot Water maybe as simple as A Blown Breaker or Pilot Light that went out to too much Demand at one time.  However, it also can mean something more serious as a Failing Hot Water Tank that needs to be replaced or a Broken Hot Water line somewhere in the Home or Business.

    Modern Process Plumbing Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth, Cleveland emergency plumbing repair
    1. Is the Pilot Light Lit if not try Relighting it per the Instructions on the Tank.
    2. If the Tank is Electric check to see if the Breaker has been Tripped.
    3. Check for signs of Hot Water Heater Failure such as puddles and leaks around the Tank
    4. Check Pressure Tank and Release Valve to see if they Have Been Tripped.
    5. Listen for running water into Tank.

    What To Do–Frozen Pipes

    Frozen Pipes are not only a nuisance but can be a very serious problems costing thousands of dollars if not remedied as soon as possible.  Do Not use Electricity around Frozen Pipes as the dripping water can cause Electrocution  such as Blow Dryers.


    Modern Process Plumbing Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth, Cleveland emergency plumbing repair
    1. Shut Off Nearest Valve to Frozen Pipes.
    2. Turn On Lowest Sink in House that is connected to the Frozen Pipes such as a Basement Sink.
    3. Set-up Space Heater in Frozen Pipe Area if available.  Make sure you follow Space Heaters Safety Precautions.
    4. If Pipe thaws out install Pipe Foam around Pipe to ensure the pipe doesn’t freeze again.

    What To Do–Broken Pipes

    A Broken or Busted Pipe can cause not only a total loss in Water Pressure but serious damage to belongings and valuables even causing health issues like Mold and Mildew.  Check for multiple leaks from Valves or Joints.

    1. Do Not Attempt to Fix Broken Pipe if Water is present by Electrical Boxes, etc

    2. Turn Off Electricity where possible

    3. Shut off Main water Line Valve or Hot Water Heater Valves.

    4. If Broken Water Pipes are in Wall please contact us ASAP at 330-242-6564.

    5. Use Shop Vac or Mops to collect Water before it can soak into Walls or Wood causing Mold.

    What To Do–Water In the Basement

    Water in the Basement can be very Overwhelming and Scary.  There are Many Causes of Basement Flooding from Storm Water, Sewer Back-UpsHot Water Heater LeaksBroken Pipe, to a Washing Machine Leak.  Main thing is to remain calm and try to stop any additional water from filling up basement but keeping you and your family safe.  If Sewer is backing up please Call Us Now 330-242-6564.

    Modern Process Plumbing Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth, Cleveland emergency plumbing repair
    1. Discover what is causing Water to flood your basement

    2. Shut Off all Electricity to Basement 

    3. Shut Off Water Main or Valves 

    4. Ensure Sump Pump Breaker has not been tripped and is working correctly

    5. If Backflow System is installed ensure it is working correctly

    6. Turn on all Sinks and Faucets to drain all water from Supply Lines after Water is shut off.

    7. If Sewer is backing up Call Us Now 330-242-6564.

    What To Do–Sewer Back-Up

    The most difficult Plumbing Emergency might be the dreaded Sewer Back-Up.  Toxic Water and Gases can cause Health and Heavy Financial Problems.  Sewer Back-ups Need To Be Handled By Professionals As Soon As Possible.  Call 330-242-6564 Now!

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    We understand how an emergency can affect your life and we are here to help you one on one or as a whole team if needed. When you call you will talk one on one with one of our owners , no machines.

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