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There are a lot of different Plumbers in Westlake that can handle your Toilet Repairs and Installation, We understand that.  Modern Process Plumbing is the Fastest Growing Plumbing Company in Westlake due to our expectations of being better than the rest.  By offering Free Accurate Estimates, Taking Advantage of all Plumbing Technology, Quick On-Site Times, and the Best Professional Plumbing Service in the Area, we are putting Our Customers First in all that we do.  We leverage over 40 years of Master Plumbing Experience to find quick, affordable solutions to any Toilet Repair or Installation issue you might have.  Our Quality of Service and Parts are unparalleled with Brands like Moen, American Standard, Kohler, and Price Pfister. 


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Westlake Toilet Repair and Installation Services

  • Emergency 24 Hour Toilet Repair
  • New Toilet Installation
  • New Construction/Remodel
  • Toilet Fill Valves
  • Toilet Wax Rings
  • Toilet Gaskets
  • Toilet Handles
  • Toilet Tank Flapper Balls
  • Toilet Tank Float Balls
  • Toilet Flush Valves
  • Toilet Seats
  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • Handicap Toilets
  • Water Effiecient Toilets
  • Commercial Toilets
  • Urinals
  • Bidets
  • Wall Hanging Toilets
  • Loose Toilet
  • High Efficiency Toilets
  • Clogged Toilets
  • Odor from Toilets

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Toilet assembly With Flapper Modern Process Plumbing

Most Common

Toilet Repairs

Toilet Repair Plunger Modern Process Plumbing

Anatomy Of A Tank Modern process Plumbing

A Broken Toilet can cause so much more than just an inconvenience.  They always seem to break before a big party or event!  The most common things to break on a Toilet are:

  • Flapper Chain or Mechanism--The most common of Toilet Breaks.  This is a 3 part mechanism containing the rubber Flapper that covers the fill hole that allows water into the Toilet to flush, the Lifting Mechanism which is usually made of Plastic or thin metal, and a chain that attaches to the Toilet Handle.  The Flapper will not close sometimes if the chain is stuck under it preventing it from creating a seal.  The Chain and will often break from heavy use or over time wearing out.  The Lifting Mechanism will break off over time or which is often the case hard water will deteriorate the mechanism.
  • Toilet Handle Breaks--The handle which is usually made of plastic is connected to a rod inside the toilet which will break off during heavy use or natural use over time.
  • Seals and Gaskets Wear Out--Toilets have many rubber Gaskets and Seals including the seal around the Toilet assembly.  These become worn out over time and may rot if water damage is present.
  • Toilet Cracks--Toilets are prone to cracks and chips causing Water to Leak.  Hot Water and Harsh Chemical often lead to Toilet Cracks.
  • Clogged Toilet--One of the Most Common Toilet Problems Usually Caused by Foreign Items Flushed Down the Toilet or a faulty assembly system.


Most Plumbing Repairs can be done easily by a Home or Business Owner.  Do-It-Yourself repairs can cost between $25 to $40 depending on what parts are needed.  If you don't feel comfortable fixing a Toilet give us a call at 330-242-6564 or request a Free Estimate Now.  An Average Plumbing Repair done by a Professional Plumber is around $150.  


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How To Prevent Toilet Clogs and Repairs

  • Do Not Place Items On Top Of Toilet Tank As These Things Can Easily Fall Into Toilet
  • Do Not Flush Diapers or Baby Wipes
  • Do Not Flush Cat Litter
  • Do Not Flush Kleenex
  • Do Not Flush Food
  • Do Not Put A Brick or Something Similar in Tank to Save Water
  • Do Not Put Cleaner Inside the Tank
  • Do Not Use Hot Water In Toilet as This Can Crack the Tank
  • Ensure Toilet is Firmly Secure to Floor.
  • Check Toilet Valves and Ensure they Are Dry
  • Use Correct Toilet Plunger Not a Sink Plunger

Westlake Toilet Installation

A New Toilet Installed in Westlake can cost Around $250-$450 on average.  Technology has not skipped the Plumbing Industry as Toilets today are more Efficient than Toilets even 5-10 years ago without sacrificing Flushing Power.  Not only is a new toilet a nice look for a bathroom but it can be a huge money saver as well.  Maybe your interested in a Wall Hanging Toilets, yes they are making a come back as they offer a unique a classic look to any Bathroom Decor.  Need a Handicapped Toilet Installed, no problem Modern Process Plumbing is a certified Handicapped Toilet installer.  If you own a business Modern Process Plumbing can help install a full range of Toilets, Bidets, and Urinals for any Business.  A normal New Toilet Installation usually takes under 2 Hours to completely Install and Test.
  • American Standard Toilets
  • Kohler Toilets
  • Many Different Brands
  • Different Colors
  • Water Saving Models
  • Commercial Toilets
  • Handicapped Toilets
  • Valve Installation
  • Wall Hanging Tanks
  • Bidets
  • Urinals
Toilet Diagram Modern Process Plumbing
Westlake Urinal Installation Modern Process Plumbing
Westlake Commercial Toilet Repair Modern Process Plumbing
Westlake Residential Toilet Repair Modern Process Plumbing
Westlake Residential Toilet Modern Process Plumbing

What To Expect in Westlake

  • A Quick Accurate Free Estimate For your Toilet Repair or Installation Project
  • No Hidden Fees!  Our Estimate is Our Estimate!
  • The Highest Quality Toilet, Pipes, Valves, and Parts that Fit Your Budget
  • Call 330-242-6564 and Talk to Matt and Mark Today, not a machine.  You Always Get Our Best.
  • Haul away old toilets, Pipes, and Parts
  • Guarantee A Clean Area throughout the Project from Start to Finish.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with Warranty.
  • Quick On-Site within 2 Hours and the Best Westlake Plumbing Experience
  • Find Out How We Are Changing the Plumbing Industry "One Customer At A Time"


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Over Flow Toilet

...so my four year old decides to flush items of unknown origin down our upstairs toilet causing it to over flow. Said items made it past the toilet and into the actual sewer pipes. I call Matt and he shows up like an hour later to snake the line. Problem solved. A huge shout out to Matt and Modern Process Plumbing for being prompt. courteous and getting the job done.

Don C Brunswick, Oh

Plumbing Repair Guarantee

Toilet Installation

Modern Process Plumbing installed 2 New Toilets to replace older models. Jeremiah was polite and knowledgeable, helping me pick the correct Toilets for my Piping systems and needs. It took about 2 hours to install both toilets they ensured everything was working great. I will definitely use Modern Process Plumbing again.

Caroline L Westlake