Westlake Sump Pump Installation

Westlake Sump Pump Installation Modern Process Plumbing


Flooding in Your Basement After A Storm?  Need A New Sump Pump?


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Westlake is located right in the middle of the Snow Belt in Ohio an has been hit by flooding in the past.  As Ice and Snow melt in the Spring Rains a still frozen ground can not absorb the water run off therefore it gets forced towards your Home.  If your Home is not prepared, the water damage can cause thousands in damages not to mention the damage to personal items and memories.  Countless Homes and Businesses are flooded each year in Westlake and the surrounding areas many without a working Sump Pump System in place. Fortunately Modern Process Plumbing is here to help, we are Experts in Sump Pumps and Backwater Valve Systems.  A majority of Westlake Homes and Businesses have issues with wetness either in a Basement, Crawl Space, Garages, or Foundation.  Wet areas in a home or business can lead to Chronic Mold and Mildew issues that can effect the health of your Family, Friends, Employees, or Customers.  We leverage Over 40 years of Master Plumbing Experience to build the perfect Sump Pump system for your Needs and your Budget.  What makes us different is our Complete dedication to you including a Free Accurate Estimate, Quick On-Site Arrivals usually under 2 Hours, 24 Hour Emergency Sump Pump Repair, and the Highest Quality Repair and Installation in the Industry.  A Complete Sump Pump Installation in Westlake runs around $600 to $1200 and $300 to $600 for a Simple Replacement of an Old Sump Pump unit.  It is a smart investment to have a Sump Pump System to protect your Westlake Home or Business from Flood Damage or Sewage Back-up.



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What Is A Sump Pump

How Sump Pump Works



A Sump Pump is a very important part of a Home and Business's Drainage System.  During heavy storms, Winter Ice and Snow melting, Sewage Back-up, or a Busted Water Pipe large amounts of water and waste will form around your foundation of your Home or Business.  Sump Pumps are usually located at the lowest part of your home or business most likely a basement, crawl space or garage, as the water trrys to enter your home the Sump Pump gets triggered by Sensors and Floats as it sits in a Sump Pit and begins to pump the water and waste away from your home or business into the Drain System.  A Sump Pump Systems should be paired with a good Battery Back-Up system to protect the Home or Business in case of power loss from a large storm or other electrical issues.  There are several Battery Back-up systems available to help keep your pumps working when you need them the most.  The other important piece in keeping your Home Dry is a Backwater Valve System which works to prevent Sewer Waste from backing up into your Home.  Modern Process Plumbing has multiple options for Backflow Prevention Systems, ask us about one Today.


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Different Types Of Sump Pumps

There are 2 types of Sump Pump Platforms, Submersible Types and Pedestal Types.  Submersible Sump Pumps come in two designs Effluent Sump Pumps and Grinder Sump Pumps.  Submersible and Effluent Sump Pumps vary by Horsepower and Construction Materials. 



Submersible Sump Pumps

This type of Sump Pump is submerged in a Sump Pump Pit because they are submerged in water they run quieter and cooler.  Maintenance on Submersible pumps can be harder as the unit has to be inspected in the Pit.

Westlake Effluent Sump Pump

The pump most often associated with Sump Pumps, the Effluent Pump is a balance of Performance and Budget.  A Sump Pit is used and the Effluent Pump is lowered and submerged into the water.  New Installations of Effluent Pumps in Westlake average $700-$1500 including Concrete Cutting for Sump Pit and Piping.  A Simple Replacement unit runs $300-$500 depending on the model chosen,  Call Matt or Mark Now 330-242-6564!
  • Made Of Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Plastic, or a Combination.
  • Float Triggered or Water Pressure Triggered Systems
  • Motor is enclosed and submerged keeping it cooler longer
  • Can develop leaks overtime
  • Quality varies by design
  • Most common is 1/2 HP Motor but more powerful models are available
  • Battery Backup Capable
  • Sump Pump Average Cost $100-$300 
Westlake Effluent Sump Pump Installation
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Sump Pump Pit Installation

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Westlake Grinder Sump Pump Installation
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Brunswick Grinder Sump Pump Installation

Westlake Grinder Sump Pump

A step up from the Effluent Pump, the Grinder Sump Pump is used to pump out not only water but solid waste as well such as Mud and Sewage.  Grinder Pumps are very similar in operation to Effluent Pumps in that they are triggered by Sensors and Floats.  When the Trigger is activated the Pump goes to work pumping Water and Waste out of your Home or Business and into the Drain systems and away from your Home or Business.  Housed in a Sump Pit, a Grinder Pump is the best protection against Water and Sewage damage to your Westlake Home or Business.  A Grinder Sump Pump Complete Installation averages $1200-$1500 including Concrete cutting and piping in Westlake, a simple replacement unit installed will run around $800-$1400 installed.  Need more info give Matt or Mark a Call Now 330-242-6564!


  • Pumps Water and Solids from Sewage Backups
  • High Quality and High Powered Motors
  • Ball and Pressure Triggers
  • Commercial and Business Applications
  • Can be installed Outside
  • Needs Consistent Maintenance
  • Sewer or Septic Sytem Capable
  • Battery Backup Capable
  • Average Cost $200-$600
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Westlake Pedestal Sump Pumps

The Best Budget Sump Pump Option is the Pedestal Pump.  Easier to provide Maintenance to than the Effluent or Grinder Pump, the Pedestal Pump motor pumps water out of the Sump Pit and into the Drain system and away from the Home or Business.  Pedestal Pumps as the name suggests are affixed on a Pedestal stand above the Sump Pit with a Pipe extending down into the Sump Pit.  The downfall to a Pedestal Pump is the space needed on the floor and the extra noise of not being submerged in water.  The Pedestal Sump Pump uses Floats and Sensors to detect water levels, when triggered the motor will kick on sucking water out of the Sump Pit.  An average Pedestal Sump Pump installation in Westlake can range from $500-$1000 including Concrete Cutting and Piping.  A Simple Replacement unit installation will cost around $200-$500.
Westlake Pedestal Sump Pump Installation
  • Lowest priced Sump Pump
  • Quality and Power vary by Model
  • More Noise and Above Floor Space
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low Installation Costs
  • Battery Back-up Capable
  • Costs $50-$200
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 Westlake Sump Pump Tips

  • The Motor is the lifeblood of your Sump Pump so when looking for a Model look at the Horsepower rating, the larger the more powerful the Pump.  The better the motor the longer your Sump Pump will last therefore stretching your budget longer.
  • Before Large Storms and when Snow Fall Begins to Melt check Grounded Outlet to Ensure it Has Not been Tripped.  Ensure it is plugged into a GFCI outlet or breaker.
  • Look at Outside Construction of Your Sump Pump to check for Cracks, Rust, and Corrosion.
  • Check Sump Pump Pit To ensure debris has not fallen into Pit.
  • Always do proper maintenance on Sump Pump checking hoses and for leaks
  • Ensure you have some sort of Back-up System for your Sump Pump in case of Heavy Storm Power Outages
  • Ask Your Westlake Master Plumber about your Sump Pump needs, Not all Pumps are made equally.

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What Will We Do For You in Westlake?

  • Inspect your old Sump Pump System for Leaks, Repairs, and Faults
  • If New Installation Check Entire House Drainage System to Determine Correct Placement of New Sump Pump
  • Go Over All Your Options and inform you on all different types.
  • Answer Any Questions You May Have
  • Show You We Are Licensed #47076 and Insured
  • Give You 100% Accurate Free Estimate
  • Go Over Any Warranties and Guarantees
  • Check Breakers and GFCI Outlets to ensure they are in Proper Working Order
  • Pull All Necessary Permits working with local Westlake Government
  • Do Quick Mold Inspection Where Needed
  • Complete Water Damage Clean-Up Where needed
  • Install New Sump Pump
  • Install Any New Piping, Parts, Etc That Are Needed
  • Clean Up Area Including Hauling Away Debris and Old Sump Pump
  • Finish Up
  • Service Any Future Issues with Sump Pump
  • Ask For Your Final Approval
  • Do Check Up On Other Plumbing Fixtures In House 
  • Answer Any Questions You May Have

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