Westlake Frozen Pipe Repair

Westlake Frozen Pipe Repair and Prevention

Westlake as you know can have some Very Frigid Winter Seasons with lots of Snow and Ice not to mention Single Digit Temperatures.  Pipes are very vulnerable to freezing temperatures and left untreated can burst and cause Thousands of Dollars in Repairs and Damages.  When Water Freezes, air is trapped in small bubbles within the Water causing the Water to expand.  Inside Pipes this expansion has no where to go so the Pipe Bursts to free the Ice.  Later when the Pipe thaws out, 4 to 8 gallons of water  per minute will gush out of that Busted Pipe soaking and damaging everything in its path.  Wet Drywall can lead to Mold and Mildew growth causing Health Concerns, water damage can include Electronics, Personable Memories, and the Structural Integrity of your Home or Business.  Just the Cost for Mold Remediation can run into the Thousands or dollars so turn to Modern Process Plumbing, The Frozen Pipe Repair Experts, to help you Solve and Prevent Frozen Pipes in your Westlake Home or Business.  We are here for you, 24 Hours a Day with our Emergency Plumbing Repair Service.


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What To Do If You Get A Frozen Pipe

You should Notice the first signs of a Frozen Pipe Issue, symptoms like Reduce Water Flow or No Water Flow is the most apparent sign of Frozen Pipes but listen to your Home or Business as you can get some warnings of Pipe issues from your Walls.  Pipes that are Freezing or Frozen will make noises such as a cracking and thumping noise as the Pipes expand and retract.  We are your Experts in finding Problem Areas in Westlake Homes and Businesses give us a call at 330-242-6564 or Contact Us Today.


Medina Frozen Pipe Repair


Westlake Frozen Pipe What To Do

  • Turn Off Main Water Line
  • Turn on Lowest source of water either a basement faucet or a down stairs bathroom faucet
  • Find source of Frozen Pipe checking vulnerable areas such as Basement, Attics, and Crawl Spaces.
  • Turn up heat in that area either opening vents, turning up thermostat, or adding Space Heaters but be careful to ensure Space Heater is used safely following Manufacturer Instructions.
  • Use Pipe Foam found out local Hardware stores to insulate Pipes make sure Pipes are dried before putting Foam on to stop rotting and Mold from growing.
  • If water is leaking or a pipe has burst ensure water is drained or cleaned up ASAP to stop Mold from growing use box fans to speed up drying process.
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  • Once Pipe thaws out turn Water Line back on slowly checking for leaks have someone help you check other lines in the home or business.

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Westlake Frozen Pipe What NOT TO DO

  • DO NOT use a Hair Dryer to thaw out a Pipe--Any water leaking or dripping from pipe can cause electrocution.
  • DO NOT use an open flame from a burner--This can overheat a pipe weaking it causing  it to burst plus increasing accidental fires
  • DO NOT go into a basement that is flooded with power still on.
  • Do NOT use Torch Flame on Copper Pipes as this loosens Soldering Joints.

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Westlake Broken or Damaged Pipes

PEX Piping is the newest Technology to combat Freezing Pipes and damaged Copper Pipes.  Modern Process Plumbing uses PEX Piping as it is resistant to Freezing as it can expand several times its original width.  Damaged or Broken Pipes are a very serious Plumbing Problem that have to be handled by a Professional Frozen Pipe Repair Plumbing Expert.


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  • We will diagnose the Frozen Pipe Issue 
  • De-thaw Frozen Pipes using the Safest Measures
  • Install New PEX Piping to replace damaged and broken Copper Pipes Where needed.
  • Install Insulation Foam where necessary to help protect areas that are a threat to freeze
  • Clean up any old piping and any damaged fixtures
  • Clean Up Water Damage where needed. 
  • Check for any other troubled areas in house and consult on Ways to Protect Pipes from Freezing.

Westlake Frozen Pipe Prevention

A Good Preemptive Plan is the key to ensuring you don't get Frozen Pipes.  Keep an eye out for sudden temperature drops or long periods of freezing weather.  Make sure all Heat Vents are open and working correctly especially in areas of the Home or Business that is not always visited everyday.  Garages, Storage Rooms, Basements, Crawl Spaces, and Attics are rooms that are in the more suspect areas for Frozen Pipes.  Take some time to walk around your Home or Business looking for any places where cold air can get in like Foundation Cracks, Missing Window Screens, and Cracked Glass.
  • Locate all Water Shut Off Valves and Share Information with Your Family
  • Ensure All Heater Vents are Open in Basements, Crawl Spaces, and Attics
  • Seal any cracks in foundation 
  • Cover any Basement Windows where possible
  • Drain outside hoses and faucets
  • Use Space Heaters in Under Heated Areas During Freeze Alerts
  • Follow All Manufacturer Warnings and Directions on All Portable Heaters.
  • Ensure all outside Well Pipes are insulated and clear
  • Repair any Cracked or Damaged Pipes As You See Them
  • Look for exposed Pipes in Crawl Spaces, Garages, and Attics
  • Insulate exposed Pipes
  • For pipes on outer walls during extended periods with low temperatures turn on faucets with cold and hot water to keep a slow trickle of water
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  • Turn Off Main Water Line
  • Set Thermostat in House no lower than 60 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ensure All Heater Vents are Open in Basements, Attics, and Crawl Spaces
  • Ask another family member or neighbor to check on your house
  • If your house or business is heated with a water system you will have to leave the Main Water Line On


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Sewer Line Break

These gentlemen did a fantastic job in fixing a water main break under my front lawn. Not only did they get the job done well, they were able to complete the job in less time than initially thought. Matt is a very compassionate person, he was OK with be having a mini breakdown because this is not something one anticipates in their home, he was concerned about us not having water in the house and did his best to make sure we were back up and running in less than 24 hours!
I've never needed a plumber before and am happy to know that I have the best plumber around and is local!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I would recommend Modern Process Plumbing to anyone needing plumbing and/or excavating.

Helene G Litchfield, Oh