Signs Your Water Heater is Going to Fail

Water Heater Failures


Today’s topic is very interesting. We are discussing water heater failure, exploding water cylinders, water heater cost, hot water tank install.
Worn out water heaters produce key signs of failure before an eminent crash.
Leaking Water Heater Modern Process Plumbing
 The key indicators are:
  •  Leaking underneath the unit
  • Muddy water/ hard water/ calcification
  • Relief valve that can fail
  • A flooded basement.
 Water leaking under the unit:

A Hot Water Heater leaking from the bottom, top, or side of the unit is symptomatic of a failing unit.

  • The cause is usually a faulty temperature and relief valve. The purpose of the valve is to discharge water when the pressure inside the cylinder is too high.
  • A malfunctioning drain valve can be responsible for the failure as well. It will leak water and is easily fixable.
  • Rust can cause a leak in the tank.

 Muddy water or sediment build  up:

A hot water cylinder that discharges muddy water is not a sign of impending disaster. Rather the hot water tank is in need of a flush. This is a straight forward procedure for any licensed plumber.


Hot Water Heater Relief Valve

Relief Valve Failure


All makes and models of residential hot water cylinders have a safety device called a pressure relief valve. The purpose of the pressure relief valve is to prevent over pressurization. This valve will open to prevent explosions and unit failure.

A sediment build up can be a potential cause or hazard to this valve. The solution is to securely flush the tank with the assistance of a qualified plumber.

Flooded Basement

Hot water tanks that have failed can flood your basement.

After the catastrophe time and money are lost. Frantic phone calls to service providers are required. Insurance claims are filed. Damage is done.

Prevention is better than the cure. Replace aging tanks before it is too late.



 Plumbing companies do install hot water tanks. Given the average life span of a tank style gas hot water heater is approximately 12 years- it is good to watch out for the warning signs.

The warning signs are leaks, corrosion, rust, calcification, discolored water or lack of hot water. Potential causes are bad valves, age, sediment build up and shorter life spans of discounted models.

A good inspection of your heater will reveal potential warning signs. In order to prevent a catastrophe do not delay in replacing aging components to ensure your safety.

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