Medina Sump Pump Installation

Want To Protect Your Home?  In A Flood Plain? Just Bought A House?



Nobody can imagine this ever happening to their home or business, Unfortunately Home and Business Flooding happens to Dozens of Homes every year in Medina.  Don't Trust your Home's or Business's Safety to any Plumber, Go to the Experts in Sump Pump and Backflow System Installation and Repair.  Over 60% of all Medina homes and businesses have an issue with wetness usually in Basements, Crawl Spaces, or Foundations.  Chronic Wet Basements can lead to Serious Health Issues like  Black Mold and Mildew which cause Asthmatic Issues and other Respiratory Diseases.  The Cost of Mold Remediation can run into the Thousands not to mention the Cost of the Water Damage Clean-up.  Modern Process Plumbing can offer you a Free Estimate in Medina with a Specialized Option to Fit your Home or Business's needs.  We offer 24 Hour Emergency Sump Pump Repair with less than 1 Hour On-Site times.  A Typical Sump Pump Installation can cost between $600 and $1200 in Medina for a Complete Installation and a Simple Replacement costs around $300-$600 in Medina Installed but compared to the Damages a Flood or water Disaster can Cause it is a No-Nonsense plan to Protect Your Medina Home or Business.


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What Is A Sump Pump

How Sump Pump Works

Sump Pump is the centerpiece of any Medina Home or Business Drainage System.  With the amount of Snow and Ice that accumulates in a Medina Winter during Spring as it rains and melts the Snow all that water needs to drain somewhere usually towards the lowest point in your yard.  Sump Pumps are usually in the lowest part of the home most often in basements, crawlspaces, or garages.  Housed mainly in a Sump Pit, the Sump Pump ensures water is pumped away from the Home or Business's foundation.  Water flows into the Sump Pit through drains or naturally through the soil or foundation.  The Sump Pump is triggered by sensors or floats when the water reaches a certain height, the Sump Pump then pumps the water away from the home through a drainage pipe thus ensuring your basement and home stays dry.  Don't Forget Some KInd Of Back-Up System in case of Heavy Storm Power Outages. There are several Battery Back-up systems available to help keep your pumps working when you need them the most.  BackFlow Systems are Partnered with Sump Pumps to ensure Sewer Waste is not Flooded back into your Home or Business as well.  Ask about our Backflow Systems Today.


Different Types Of Sump Pumps

There are typically 2 Types of Sump Pumps, Submersible and Pedestal Sump Pumps.  There are different types of Submersible Sump Pumps and Modern Process Plumbing can help you decide which one is perfect for your situation and budget.  Motor Size and Materials used to house the Motor are Important Elements in ensuring that you get the Best Value and Quality from your Medina Sump Pump System.


Submersible Sump Pumps

This type of Sump Pump is submerged in a Sump Pump Pit.
Sump Pump Modern Process Plumbing
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Sump Pump Pit Installation

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Effluent Sump Pump

Most Common of all Sump Pumps, these pumps can pump out water to ensure your home or business stays dry.  Very Quiet Models are Available but even base models are quieter than Pedestal Models.  A new Installation of the Sump Pump plus all the piping and Concrete cutting is around $700-$1500.  Just Replacing an older Sump Pump with a new one costs on average $300-$500. 
  • Made Of Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Plastic, or a Combination.
  • Float Triggered or Water Pressure Triggered Systems
  • Motor is enclosed and submerged keeping it cooler longer
  • Can develop leaks overtime
  • Quality varies by design
  • Most common is 1/2 HP Motor but more powerful models are available
  • Battery Backup Capable
  • Sump Pump Average Cost $100-$300 

Grinder Sump Pump

Grinder Sump Pumps are a step up from the regular Sump Pumps and Effluent Sump Pumps as they can pump out solid items normally from Sewer backups along with rain water.  They work the same as Effluent Sump Pumps using floats and sensors to measure levels they then grind up the waste water and eject it through a drainage pipe to a sewer or septic system.  Grinder Pumps are also known as Sewage Pumps and usually cost about twice as much as Effluent type pumps.  Because of the main use of these Pumps proper maintenance is required to esnure these pumps continue working correctly.  Complete New Install can cost anywhere from $1200-$2500 depending on situation.  Just a replacement and Installation on average is around $800-$1400.  
  • Pumps Water and Solids from Sewage Backups
  • High Quality and High Powered Motors
  • Ball and Pressure Triggers
  • Commercial and Business Applications
  • Can be installed Outside
  • Needs Consistent Maintenance
  • Sewer or Septic Sytem Capable
  • Battery Backup Capable
  • Average Cost $200-$600
Grinder Sump Pump Modern Process Plumbing


Grinder Sump Pump Installation Pit Modern Process Plumbing

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Pedestal Sump Pumps

This Sump Pump sits above the floor with a Pipe extending into the Sump Pit below.  The motor draws the water out of the Sump Pump Pit and into the Drainage Pipe and away from your home or business. This type of Sump Pump tends to be a lot more noisy since the motor is not submersed but tend to be a lot more economical in price.  The average cost to install a new Pedestal Sump Pump in a Medina Home or Business averages around $500-$1000.  A Simple Replacement Installation costs around $200-$500.
Pedestal Sump Pump Modern Process Plumbing
  • Lowest priced Sump Pump
  • Quality and Power vary by Model
  • More Noise and Above Floor Space
  • Easy to maintain
  • Low Installation Costs
  • Battery Back-up Capable
  • Costs $50-$200


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What Will We Do For You in Medina?

  • Inspect your old Sump Pump System
  • If New Installation Check Entire House Drainage System to Determine Correct Placement of New Sump Pump
  • Go Over All Your Options
  • Answer Any Questions You May Have
  • Show You We Are Licensed #47076 and Insured
  • Give You 100% Accurate Free Estimate
  • Go Over Any Warranties and Guarantees
  • Check Breakers and CFI Outlets to ensure they are in Proper Working Order
  • Pull All Necessary Permits working with local Medina Government
  • Do Quick Mold Inspection Where Needed
  • Complete Water Damage Clean-Up Where needed
  • Install New Sump Pump
  • Install Any New Piping, Parts, Etc That Are Needed
  • Clean Up Area Including Hauling Away Debris and Old Sump Pump
  • Finish Up
  • Service Any Future Issues with Sump Pump
  • Ask For Your Final Approval
  • Do Check Up On Other Plumbing Fixtures In House 
  • Answer Any Questions You May Have


Medina Sump Pump Tips

  • Always look for the best Motor for your budget.  The Motor is the heartbeat of the Sump Pump and the best way to get long life out of it is by going with the better motor.
  • Before Large Storms and when Snow Fall Begins to Melt check Grounded Outlet to Ensure it Has Not been Tripped.
  • Look at Construction of Your Sump Pump to check for Cracks, Rust, and Corrosion.
  • Always do proper maintenance on Sump Pump.
  • Ensure you have some sort of Back-up System for your Sump Pump in case of Heavy Storm Power Outages
  • Ask Your Medina Master Plumber about your Sump Pump needs, Not all Pumps are made equally.

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Medina Backflow Preventer Valve

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What is it? A Backwater Valve Preventer is a plumbing device equipped with a removable flap or float that closes shut by reverse flow of water into the building drain or building sewer as it  prevents backup of sewage into a building. A Backwater Valve Preventer helps safe Expensive and Hazardous Sewer Cleanu-Up from Sewer Back-Up Issues.  Sewer Back-Ups are extremely Unsanitary and Clean-Up can Cost in the Thousands of Dollars not counting the Damage to personal Items.

Who's at risk? Your home or business may be susceptible to sewage backups if the elevation of the lowest fixture being served is lower than the next upstream Manhole Cover.  This means if you have a basement or crawl space under your house you are in a Sewer Back-Up Danger Zone.  Many Homes in Medina have below ground Basements and Crawl Spaces.  Doesn't mean you will get a Sewer Back-Up because other factors are in play as well such as Age Of Sewer System, Weather Conditions, Sudden Sewer Blockages or Main Breaks.

How does it work? A Backwater Valve Preventer is typically installed on the building sewer outside of the building. A properly operating Backwater Valve Preventer allows flow to only go in one direction (out), preventing wastewater from entering your building during regular sewer system maintenance or accidental sewer system backups.  Coupled with a Sump Pump System, Protecting your home with A Backflow Preventer will save you a lot of money possibly down the road.

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