How to Replace a Drain Trap

Drain Trap Replacement How To

Underneath every kitchen sink and every bathroom lavatory is a drain  trap. This element plays a critical role in the  proper functioning of the drainage system but it gets clogged frequently.All drain traps must be kept free from blockages. This article explains how to maintain your own drain trap.
Each drain trap contains a reservoir of water within its curved section that seals against sewer gases. If the trap trap leaks, the gases can be very hazardous to your health.Slow drainage flow is slowed or stopped is symptomatic of a clogged trap.The solution is to clear the impediment.
Step 1: If trap is equipped with clean-out plug on bottom of curved section, remove plug with wrench and let water in trap drain into bucket. Otherwise, unscrew slip nuts and slide them out of the way.
Step 2: If trap is a swivel type, curved trap section(s) will come free. However, keep trap upright as you remove it, and pour water out after part is free. If trap is fixed and does not swivel, remove tailpiece slip nut at drain flange and slip nut at top of trap. Shove tailpiece down into trap itself, then twist trap clockwise until you can drain water in trap. Pull tailpiece free, and unscrew trap from drain extension or drainpipe.

Replacing Drain Trap Modern Process Plumbing

Step 3: Buy drain trap of proper diameter, new tailpiece, drain extension, or other fittings, as necessary. A swivel trap is the easiest to work with because it can be easily adjusted for angled or misaligned drainpipe/fixture installations. A clean-out plug on a trap is handy so trap can be cleaned out without removing it.
Step 4: Replace parts in appropriate order, making sure you have slip nuts and compression seals, or large washers, lined up on the proper pipe sections. Couple parts together loosely with slip nuts, make final adjustments for correct pipe alignment, and tighten nuts snugly but not too tight. Plumbers’ joint tape or compound is not usually necessary, but you can use either.
Step 5: Run water into new trap immediately, both to check for leaks and to fill trap with water to provide that all-important barrier against sewer gases.


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