Four Techniques for Unclogging Your Drain

Four Techniques for Unclogging Your Drain

Drains that are clogged and full of gunk can be one of the most problematic nuisances around the home. They can create such noticeable setbacks that many homeowners are willing to hire a professional plumber to fix the problem. In reality, unclogging a drain is something they could easily have handled themselves, saving time and money. This article is designed just for those homeowners and offers several different techniques for dealing with clogged drains. By following the advice given here, they will transform an expensive contracting service into a simple chore that they handle alone.

Wire Hanger Pipe Snake
One of the most common tricks in the book for unclogging a stopped drain is by making a "DIY snake". A popular tool for forging this snake is the coat hanger. The hanger is straightened out, clipped if necessary, and the end is bent into a slight hook-like curve. This utensil can be inserted and "snaked" through the drains until it reaches the problem-area. If you can reach the blockage with the hanger, it's now only a simple matter of maneuvering the hook and breaking apart the debris.

Hot water and bleach are an excellent homemade solution for handling a clog in the bathroom. The blockage found within the pipes beneath showers and bathtubs is often composed of hair, dirt, and soap. Boiling water and pouring it down the drain will liquify the soap and break away any clogging that has stuck to the metal of the pipes. Following the water with a dose of bleach will eat away at the sensitive hairs and other tiny particles. A final tub of hot water will seal the deal, and without ever needing to hire a plumber.

No Drain CleanerVinegar for Drain Cleaning

Many companies offer over-the-counter chemicals, liquids, and solutions that are said to perform miracles within the pipes. Be careful of these offerings and only stick with the brands that are well-known for getting the job done. In most cases, the chemicals you already have in the home are already more powerful than what they are offering. However, a few big-name companies have managed to produce extremely useful products that should be on the top of your shopping list.

While it may not be realistic in all scenarios, you want to pull the blockage through the pipes towards yourself rather than push it out of the way. If you aren't comfortable with disassembling pipes to achieve a better position, you may need to leave this one to the professionals. You will only be makings things worse by pushing the problem further and an experienced plumber will be an efficient investment.

You should now be capable of handling various types of clogged drains with the confidence of a seasoned professional. Of course, you should never put your beloved home at risk for water damage and there are times when help is needed. With these new tricks up your sleeve, you'll know when that help is required and when it is actually a simple problem that you can handle yourself. Send these tips to your friends and family when they encounter clogged drains and allow them a chance to benefit as well.


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