Choosing the Right Plumber

Get The Right Plumber

Before any plumbing issue can be solved a trusted, reliable, dependable hard working plumber must be found.
Choosing the right plumber is critical.

A short story will help illustrate the point.

An interstate friend was preparing thanksgiving dinner when the garbage disposal failed leaving a sink full of water.
In despair she called the oldest plumbing company with the most catchy jingle to find a very high service fee to “diagnose the problem”. Additional trip charges would compound a quick fix and be extraordinarily expensive.  She called another well known plumber only to find excuses from his wife as the plumber was too busy to call back. Again she called around to find several plumbers who did not return calls.  Now in desperation she called yet another plumber. The plumber answered his phone- “Good she thought” – He was available, “even better “ , now he was on his way.  Soon a young chap was at the house. He produced a hand plunger and worked for over an hour.He diagnosed the problem as a main basement pipe. A jackhammer would be needed along with $1200.00.  Her husband was called home from work- Finding an incompetent in his home,He asked the plumber to leave. Again they turned to the phone and called around.  Eventually a plumber was found. This company produced an electric snake and was done in 20 mins. The bill was $240.  
In order to have a great outcome to your plumbing issue.  Several key elements have to be present.
The Keys Are:


  • Deal with reputable vendors only. Those with integrity and a master plumbing license.
  • Check them out online. Do they have stellar reviews.  Check Yelp, Google +, Facebook, Thumbtack
  • Do you trust them in your home?
  • Are they reasonably priced?  They Should never charge for an Estimate.
  • Do they answer their phone?
  • Do they care about quality?
  • Do they start jobs and never finish them?
  • Do they look and act professional?
  • Are they easy to work with?
  • It is imperative to review this list- and reward great plumbers with your business and a thank you. Ask for a fridge magnet for easy service calls in the future.
  • Do not accept mediocrity or excuses. Your home is a precious asset- why place your plumbing in the hands of an unskilled amateur?
  • Residential plumbers without integrity are as helpful as an expert plumber that does not return your call.
  • Plumbing disasters are avoided by working with local,trusted, reliable plumbing contractors.

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