Brunswick Frozen Pipe Repair

Brunswick Frozen Pipe Repair and Prevention

A Frozen Pipes are a Major Headache and left untreated can end up Costing you Thousands of Dollars in Repairs and create Health problems for your Family.  Fortunately most Frozen Pipes are very avoidable by being proactive and following some simple tasks.  In Brunswick we all know it can get really Cold in the Winter Months with temperatures often dropping into single digits.  Ice is formed as Water Freezes, air gets trapped inside causing the mass of the Water to expand.  It is this expansion that creates the dangerous situation of a pipe bursting.  When the Pipe thaws out you then have gallons of water pouring out the Busted Pipe per minute.  Most current Water Supply Lines are Copper, as Copper Freezes it becomes very brittle with even a small bump damaging them.  A lot of current Drain Pipes are PVC and any water currently resting in a Sink Trap can freeze cracking the PVC Drain Pipe.  A Damaged Pipe can cause Thousands in Damages to Dry Wall, Electronics, Personal Memories, and lead to Black Mold and Mildew Growth which is Very Harmful to your Family's Health.  We know in Brunswick you have many Plumber options that is why We are not your normal Plumbing Company.  Modern Process Plumbing offers Accurate Free Estimates, The Quickest On-Site Times in the Industry, and 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Repair in Brunswick.  As Experts in Frozen Pipe Repair, Brunswick Resident's have turned to Modern Process Plumbing to help Solve their Frozen Pipe Issues.



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What To Do If You Get A Frozen Pipe

Some of the Easiest Signs you have A Frozen Pipe or Pipes is the lack of Water Pressure from either the Cold Water or Hot Water Supply Lines.  There are times when you have No Water At All.  Another Sign is Frost or Condensation on Pipes.  Loud Noises coming from within your Walls is another sign you might have a Frozen Pipe.  Need help finding the problem areas in Brunswick give us a call at 330-242-6564 or Contact Us Today.

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Brunswick Frozen Pipe What To Do

  • Turn Off Main Water Line
  • Turn on A Basement Faucet or Lowest Faucet in the Home or Business.
  • Check Attics, Basements and other Vulnerable areas for the Frozen Pipe.
  • Turn up heat in that area either opening vents, turning up thermostat, or adding Space Heaters but be careful to ensure Space Heater is used safely following Manufacturer Instructions.
  • After Pipes have Thawed Out, Undamaged, and Dryed Out use Pipe Foam to Insulate the Pipes to Prevent Future Freezes.  Pipe Foam can be found at your Local Hardware Store.
  • If Water is leaking or a pipe has burst ensure water is drained or cleaned up ASAP to stop Mold from growing use box fans to speed up drying process.
  • Call 330-242-6564 or Request Service today in Brunswick.
  • Have Someone Help you check Water Pipes for Leaks after the Pipes Thaw Out.  Turn On the Water Line Slowly while your Partner checks for Drips or Leaks.

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Brunswick Frozen Pipe What NOT TO DO

  • DO NOT use a Hair Dryer to thaw out a Pipe--Any water leaking or dripping from pipe can cause electrocution.
  • DO NOT use an open flame from a burner--This can overheat a pipe weaking it causing  it to burst plus increasing accidental fires and it can weaken Soldered Joints in Copper Pipes.
  • DO NOT go into a basement that is flooded with power still on, ensure Breakers are turned off before entering flooded basement.
  • Do NOT use Bang on Pipes to Break up Ice as this can severely Damage the Pipe causing it to Fail.

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Brunswick Broken or Damaged Pipes

A Broken or Damaged Pipe is a very serious issue and needs to be handled by a Professional Plumber.  Modern Process Plumbing replaces broken and damaged Copper pipe with New PEX Piping which is not only cheaper but withstands freezing without breaking.  Have a Professional Plumber check your vulnerable areas for Frozen Pipes.  At Modern Process Plumbing we can help form a plan with you to eliminate any future Frozen Pipes.

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  • We will diagnose your Frozen Pipe Issue or troubled areas. 
  • Thaw Out  Frozen Pipes using the Safest Measures in the Industry
  • Install New PEX Piping to replace damaged and broken Copper Pipes where needed
  • Install Insulation Pipe Foam where necessary to help protect danger areas that are a threat to freeze in Brunswick
  • Clean up any old piping and any damaged fixtures and dispose of properly and safely.
  • Clean Up Water Damage where needed looking for any possible Cold Trouble Spots.
  • Check for any other troubled areas in house and consult on Ways to Protect Pipes from Freezing.

Brunswick Frozen Pipe Prevention

Prevention is the biggest key in avoiding  Frozen Pipes. Look for Cracked or Leaky Windows or Seals in the house, Missing or damaged screens and any other areas around the foundation where Cold Air can get in.   Check for Sudden drops in Temperatures and Ensure Heat Vents are open and working correctly. Ensure any parts of the house that are not used still have adequate Warm Air Flow.
  • Locate all Water Shut Off Valves make sure all Family Members are aware of their location.
  • Check lower levels of the Home or Business to Ensure All Vents Are Open especially in basements, attics, and crawl spaces.
  • Seal any cracks in foundation or around perimeter of the home. 
  • Cover any Basement Windows where possible
  • Drain outside hoses and faucets and Put Away Garden Hoses
  • Use Space Heaters in Under Heated Areas During Freeze Alerts following manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Check lesser use Areas of Home and Business are getting Sufficient Airflow.
  • Ensure all outside Well Pipes are insulated and clear of Debris and Ice
  • Repair any Cracked or Damaged Pipes As You See Them by Calling 330-242-6564.
  • Look for exposed Pipes in Crawl Spaces, Garages, and Attics
  • Insulate exposed Pipes using Pipe Foam found at Local Hardware Store.
  • For pipes on outer walls during extended periods with low temperatures turn on faucets with cold and hot water to keep a slow trickle of water
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  • Turn Off Main Water Line and Drain Water From the lines by Running A faucet Until Empty
  • Set Thermostat in House no lower than 60 Degrees Fahrenheit Open Doors to all adjacet Rooms to Improve Air Flow
  • Ensure All Heater Vents are Open in Basements, Attics, and Crawl Spaces
  • Ask another Family member or Neighbor to check on your house and monitor Thermostat Temperature.
  • If your house or business is heated with a water system you will have to leave the Main Water Line On
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