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Drains are the most under appreciated part of the Plumbing System in Most Brunswick Homes and Businesses often needing constant maintenance to work correctly and efficiently.  From the Shower Drain and Sink Drain to your Main Sewer Drain, Modern Process Plumbing knows the lifeblood of your Home's and Business's is a great working Drain System that is why we go Above and Beyond the normal Maintenance to ensure Drain Clogs don't hinder you in the future.  We know you have a lot of Plumbing Choices in Brunswick but with Modern Process Plumbing you get Free Estimates, Quick On-Site Times, and 24 Hour Emergency Drain Repair.  Drain Cleaning involves several different options to repair including Plungers, Water Jetting, Video Pipe Inspections, and Pipe Snaking.  An Average Pipe Cleaning in Brunswick can run around $200 depending on the type of clog and what type of Pipe.  A Sewer Clog is the most serious of Clogs and also the hardest to break up therefore costing more than a regular Drain Pipe.  We just don't do a Pipe or Drain Cleaning, we find out the causes of the Clogs and develop a Solution to the Drain Clogs.  Restaurants, Medical Offices, Warehouses, and Schools are just a couple Brunswick Businesses where Drain Clogs are common.


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Brunswick Signs You Have A Clogged Drain


  • Standing Water in Shower, Sink, Tub, Floor Drain
  • Very Slow Drain Time from Shower, Sink, Tub, Floor Drain
  • Wet Spots on Ceilings and Walls
  • Gurgling or Similar Noises from Drains or Inside Walls
  • Sewer Back-Up After Rain Storm or Heavy Snow Melt
  • Constant Need To Plunge Sinks, Showers, and Toilets
  • Strong Odors From Drains and Pipes
  • Damp Smell In Basements
  • Toilet Won't Flush after Plunging
  • After Plunging, Particles Are Present in Water
  • Water Goes Down A Drain but Backs Up Somewhere Else

Shower Drain Clog

Sink Back-Up

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Brunswick Drain Plungers

Most people think a Plunger is a Plunger and will work on any Toilet or Sink Drain.  The Fact is that using the wrong Plunger can range from just being Frustrating to Severely Damaging the Pipe Drain.  Most Brunswick Homes and Businesses have at least two Plungers but they should be one of each Sink Plunger and Toilet Plunger.

Different Plungers Modern Process Plumbing

  1. Toilet Plunger--This Plunger is the heavier of the two plungers and should only be used on Toilets.  It creates extremely more pressure than a Sink Plunger possibly damaging Sink and Shower Pipe Drains.

  2. Sink Plunger--Smaller and Lighter of the two plungers, the Sink Plunger is perfectly shaped to cause a seal around Shower, Bath, and Sink Drains.  This plunger is a frustrating tool to use on a toilet as its shape does not create a lot of pressure on Toilet Clogs.


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Brunswick Drain Clogs

  • Brunswick Toilet Drains--Toilet Clogs come from many Sources but most likely from Foreign Items Flushed Down the toilet, from Food, Napkins, and Baby Wipes to Kitty Litter.  A Plunger Can Clear Up Minor Clogs from Toilet Paper but A Professional Plumber will be needed for more complicated Clogs.
  • Brunswick Floor Drains--Floor Drains accumulate all kinds of debris that falls onto the floor.  Nails, Hair, Food, and other items build up in Floor Drains and cause clogs.  Many of these Drains are seldom used so they tend to get very dry and the particles clump together forming tough Clogs. These drains are constant in Basements, Garages, around Hot Water Heaters, and in Restaurant Areas.  Using Hot Water to Flush the Drains reguraly will keep them clean also not sweeping debris into the Drain will help alleviate Clogs.
  • Brunswick Sewer Main--By Far the toughest and Most serious of all Drain Clogs.  Consider your Drains Tree Roots and the Sewer Drain as the Tree Trunk.  Sewer Clogs build up over a long period of time and can be sudden with no warnings.  Sewer Clogs need to be handled Quickly by A Professional Plumber like Modern Process Plumbing.
  • Brunswick Sink Drains--Garbage Disposals along with Sink Drains can become Clogged from Grease, Food, and Hair that is allowed to enter the Garbage Disposal and Drain Systems.  Grease hardens when dried out and other particles will attach to it forming a thick Putty.  Home Remedies and a small Pipe Snake can usually clear these Drains for persistent Drains or a Clogged Garbage Disposal Give Modern Process Plumbing A Call At 330-242-6564.
  • Brunswick Shower and Bath Drains-- Hair is the main Culprit of Shower and Bath Drains.  Conditioners and Shampoos that go down the train will cause Hair to clump together and form tough Clogs that are hard to break up without a Pipe Snake. These Drains can become quite persistent to Clear and may need a Professional Plumber, you can Request A Quote Here.
  • Brunswick Appliance Drains--Dishwashers and Washing Machines are the 2 main Appliances that use a Drain.  It is rare for these to get clogged unless something falls into Drain Itself.  Most Appliances share a Drain such as the Dishwasher sharing the Kitchen Sink Drain.
  • Brunswick Outdoor Drains--Outdoor Drains are sometimes Out Of Sight so they tend to be forgotten for Maintenance.  Litter, Snow, and Leaves can build up in Outdoor Drains causing flooding around the Foundation and causing Severe Damage.  It is important to inspect Outdoor Drains to ensure they are clear of Clogs.


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Brunswick Pipe Cleaning Options

Video Pipe Inspection

Video Pipe Inspection is the newest Technology that Modern Process Plumbing uses to inspect Clogged, Damaged, and Frozen Pipes.  The Camera is attached to a small cable and lowered into the Drain Pipe, while it works itself toward the Clog or damaged Pipe it sends information back to the Modern Process Plumbing Plumber on a Laptop or small screen letting the Plumber see an up close perspective on the Damage or Clog.  Video Pipe Inspection must be used before Water Jetting a Pipe to ensure the Pipe is in good condition to withstand the blast of Water Pressure.  Modern Process Plumbing is the leading Expert in Video Pipe Inspection in Brunswick.

High Pressure Clog Jetting

Brunswick High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting is a Great New Option in Cleaning and Clearing Tough Clogs.  Using High Pressure Water that is built up inside the pressure of the Pipe itself it blasts away Persistent Clogs like Grease Clogs, Mineral Clogs, Tree Roots, and Hair Clogs.  A Video Pipe Inspection MUST be done first to ensure the clogged pipe is not cracked or damaged in any way as the High Pressure Jetting can damage the Pipe beyond repair.    Water Jetting returns the interior of the Drain Pipe to its Original smooth surface eliminating future Clogs for some time.  Modern Process Plumbing is one of only a few Plumbers in Brunswick certified in Water Jetting Drain Pipe Clogs. 
  • Best Performance in Pipe Cleaning
  • Breaks up Hair, Tree Roots, Debris, Grease
  • Professional Plumber Needed
  • Years Of Sediment Build-Up can be cleared away Quickly
  • Returns Interior Pipes To Smooth Original Surface
  • Equipment Charges Will Be Higher than Pipe Snaking
  • Video Pipe Inspections are Needed Before Jetting to ensure pipes are not damaged.
  • Can Not Be Used On Certain Pipes namely smaller drain pipes.
  • Can Damage Weak or Previously Damaged Pipes

Plumbing Snake Modern Process Plumbing

Brunswick Pipe Snaking

The Tool most often used in Pipe Cleaning and Breaking up Clogs is still the Pipe Snake.  Common at your local hardware stores in Manual and Electric Models.  The Pipe Snake is Lowered into the Drain and worked to the site of the clog where it is turned in doing so it grabs the Clog and rips it apart.  The drawbacks to Pipe Snaking is that it takes skill and a lot of patience to break up a Clog as a Pipe Snake is extremely hard to control.  Pipe Snaking does not completely clear a Pipe Drain like Water Jetting Does leading to more possible Pipe Snaking down the road.  Modern Process Plumbing are Brunswick Experts in Pipe Snaking being able to snake even the toughest Clogs.
  • Safe for almost any Pipe System
  • Cheaper than Water Jetting
  • Will Not Damage Pipes
  • Pipe Cleaning depends on User using Pipe Snake Correctly
  • Does Not Clear all debris in one turn
  • Electric and Manual Version Available
  • Very Hard to Control might Need Multiple Attempts


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