Classic Plumbing Disasters

I recently came across this story:
A friend bought a new washing machine that needed a hot and cold feed.  There was an old gas cooker located next to the site so it was decided to relocate it.  The Do it yourself “plumber” decided to disconnect the gas to the cooker and move it out of the way while the new washing machine was connected.  The work began- the cooker was disconnected and the new washing machine was put in place.  The fittings were connected to the new washing machine. So far so good. Now the old gas cooker was re-installed right next to the washing machine.  After some time the tools were put away and it was time to run the new washing machine.  The anticipation and excitement was building and building as the final preparations were made and the cooker was re-installed.  Suddenly there was a disturbing odor of gas in the air as it was discovered the gas pipe was hooked up to the washing machine.  Comic relief with laughter was soon ended with the foolish realization this was an impending disaster that could have been dangerous.
This could easily have been avoided – by letting the professionals handle it.  In the event a do it yourself project mutates into a disaster our advise is to cease work immediately, turn off the gas and call in the professionals. It just isn’t worth it to blow up your house.  Have a question about a plumbing issue give us a call at 330-242-6564 or Contact Us Today.
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I worked for him for several years. I was young and didn’t really know what I wanted to do with my life. When I left there, I applied for a position with a commercial/industrial plumbing outfit.


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